Interior design (3D Max)

Upon finalizing the interior design of your company’s headquarters, the next crucial step is the decoration and finishing phase. Through interior decoration, our aim is to imbue the space with a specific ambiance. This involves carefully selecting and applying wall paint, wallpaper, flooring, and ceiling materials to enhance the overall aesthetic. We pay close attention to choosing furniture and fixtures, such as lamps, that complement the design concept. Thoughtful consideration is given to providing adequate movement space and strategically allocating voids or areas for the inclusion of paintings, sculptures, and carpets.

These decorative elements are not chosen randomly but are meticulously planned to align with the identity and nature of your company’s field of work. By integrating colors and design elements that reflect your company’s identity, visitors to your headquarters can easily grasp the essence of your work and feel a sense of comfort and loyalty towards the space. This ensures that your visual identity extends beyond mere design and becomes a tangible reality that resonates with customers when they visit your workplace.


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